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Elsa Herrero Ph. D.

Elsa Herrero Ph. D.
Doctor of Philosophy in Education
Bachelor of Science in Teaching Chemistry in High School

Dr. Elsa Herrero has 35 years of experience in Cuban Higher Education. Former professor of General Chemistry for engineer careers in Technological University of Havana José Antonio Echeverría, Former Professor of Basic Pedagogy for young teachers. Professor of master programs: Master of Science in Higher Education and Master of Science in Technologies in educational processes. Participation in research projects: Develop of teaching aids in General Chemistry for engineer students, Implementation of ICT (Information and communication technologies) in university education: Pedagogical model for distance education in postgraduate level and Coaching teachers in ICT integration: Accompaniment model. Develop of teacher training in Educational technology (Spanish Agency for International Cooperation) in Cordova University, Cordova, Spain. Participation in thematic network of Educational Technology with Spanish universities. Teaching and supervision of postgraduate students. Dr. Herrero has served in University Research Council and is the former director of Reference Center of Advanced Education in Havana University of Technologies for 10 years. She has collaborated in universities in Spain, Panama, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina and Dominican Republic.

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