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MSc. Florencio A. Bueno

Master of Education Technological University of Havana, Cuba.
Prevention and Rehabilitation Specialist. 
B.S Major in Teaching Mathematic, Cuba

Executive Director of T4T Educational Services, LLC.  Mr. Bueno has more than 30 years involved in the educational field as a lead teacher, educator coordinator, and administrator . Six years Juvenile/Adult Probation Officer. Seven years of experience working as a bilingual counselor, case manager, and rehabilitation specialist for adolescent in drug use. More than 10 years wrapped with Not Profit Organizations as a educative project coordinator, supervisor, and project manager. Experience working in a cultural diverse setting including Indigenous Population.  Accomplished administrator/ educator/community leader with demonstrated ability to teach motivate, and direct folks while maintaining high interest and achievement. Self-motivated with strong planning, organizational and leadership skills. Mr. Bueno is an internationally facilitator, trainer, couch, and educational consultant on community development including technology, family development, behavior, and substance abuse, prevention education, juvenile justice, and parenting.
Mr. Bueno has participated on several international events as a presenter, guest speaker. He has collaborated with research centers and universities as CREA in The Technological University of Havana José Antonio Echeverría, Cuba; University of Central Oklahoma, USA; Universidad Amazonia, National Polytechnic, Técnica Particular de Loja, Ecuador.
He has developed articles and curriculums for buildup poverty and immigrant families, Community development.

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