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Design of diagnostic processes

Design, application and evaluation of diagnostic processes to identify the main problems to solve in educational institutions.


Coaching of instructors, educators and teachers in pedagogical strategies appropriate to the context of their educational practice.

Custom Offer

Elaboration of new training actions in modalities and themes at the request of users.

Professional improvement

Courses, workshops, seminars and specialized conferences, oriented to teacher training with current issues and high impact on educational work.

Research Projects

Design of research projects to solve the problems identified in the practice of teachers and educators in general.

Design of educational resources

Elaboration of materials or educational resources to support and complement the training and training actions: methodological guides, digital materials, e-books and others.

Modality for offer


Definition of the place of the actions, time of the consultants of the foundation in front of the users according to the offer or product to be implemented and total time.


Face-to-face meetings and distance training actions using the available means and the network, definition of the times in each case and the total time.

Distance learning internet (online)

With a b-learning or m-learning model depending on the possibilities of the user and the availability of technology. Definition of the beginning and end date of the actions.

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